About me

Hi. I’m Baizura. People call me BK. Beyonce Knowles. Burger King. Yup I get those a lot.

I am an old soul. A creative soul.

Love my religion, my family, my country.

Love stringing words so that they portray the world and all its beauty.. and cruelty. Love escaping into a good book, getting caught up in the moment.. wiping tears or grinning ridiculously by myself.

Above all, I love making things with my bare hands. That sense of accomplishment when you wear the wedding gown you embellished yourself, hang clothes on the wall shelving you mounted or even watch your toddler run around screaming “Let it go! Let it go!” as she twirled madly in the Elsa-esque dress complete with lace cape that you made that very day..

I’m here to show you that it’s the simplest things in life that can make you happy. Oh, and also a wicked set of woodworking tools.


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