Best 5 Ikea Rast hacks

Best 5 Ikea Rast hacks


Ok, admit it. We all love us some Ikea. Yes, yes.. I’ve heard the same arguments before; the furniture is not of the highest quality what with being mass produced and sold at a cheap price plus everyone will own the same things and be like Lemmings yada yada yada.

And yet, we still love Ikea.

Especially during the holidays. Never. Attempting. That. Again. Ever.

We flock to the stores like children to a candy store oohing and aahing the moment we step off the escalator. We take pictures, make measurements, give our kids the itty bitty pencils and measuring tapes to keep them quiet while mommy and daddy admire the often time tasteful furniture and deco.

Due to their basicness (uh yes, that is a word.. I think..) and their affordability (not talking about the high-end ones here, just so you know), Ikea’s items are among the most hacked furnitures on the world wide web. I’ve also attempted one myself with not too shabby results.

Today I want to share with you my Best 5 Ikea Rast Hacks as found through my endless pinteresting late at night when the kids and husband are fast asleep. Enjoy!


#1 –> If you don’t love this hack, then you’ve got no soul. That is jaw-droppingly awesome.. a gorgeous piece of work.. Thrifty and Chic’s Ikea Rast Hack is amazing because it turned the average Rast into something entirely different! You would’ve thought that it was from some high-end furniture store!



#2 –> This hack by Jen from Girl in the Garage doesn’t even seem possible because it’s just too awesome. Who would’ve thought you could turn the Rast into that gorgeous thing?



#3 –> Although simple, this hack by Lindsay Stephenson of, err, Lindsay Stephenson is close to my heart because I’m that kinda gal. I love clean lines and a sophisticated no-fuss look. Lindsay managed to tick all those boxes – white drawers; check, gold hardware; check, stained outer layer; check!




#4 –>Are you more of a texture kinda gal? Wait til you see what Kelly of Hello Boudreau did to transform her Rast into a magnificent piece worthy of any glamorous bedroom. This makeover is stunning and I can totally see the little table owning my TV room.. Green with envy, here!

Helloboudreau_Ikea Rast Hack


#5 –> Number 5 pays homage to lovers of the distressed furniture look. Christy from Confessions of a Serial DIYer not only added a new top, trim, molding and decoupaged fabric to the drawer fronts, she also added legs to give it an even more exclusive look. Check this out, guys.



And there you have it. My Best 5 Ikea Rast Hacks. Got your creative juices going, did I? Well, what are you waiting for? Get DIYing!


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