Beginner’s guide to: Spray painting wooden chairs

Beginner’s guide to: Spray painting wooden chairs

Hi, everyone. Today, this beginner (me) will show you how I managed to spray paint my wooden chairs for the very first time and not suck. Ha!

I admit, it was daunting at first. The project was pushed to the side for a very long time, in fact, due to my fear of messing up the chairs. Finally it was something I knew I needed to tackle and I did. And how that mighty beast called Fear fell with the first pfffffff of spray paint. I am BK, hear me roar!

So here’s how I painted 6 wooden chairs in 2 days. 2 days, only because I had some little busybodies either going “Mommy can I see” “Mommy do I need to wear slippers outside” ?Mameeeee!” (that was from the lil’ one) or screaming their heads off until I stopped and ‘entertained’ them for a while. Without distractions and the odd poopy diaper (or two), it is totally doable in an afternoon.

Oh, before that, here’s what I used for 6 chairs:

1. Ace Hardware Premium Enamel Primer in White x4 for 6 chairs

2. Ace Hardware Premium Enamel in Sage – Gloss x 5 for 4 chairs

3. Krylon in Catalina Mist – Satin x 3 for 2 chairs


#1 –> prep

I don’t have pics here but basically I dusted, wiped with a wet cloth then rubbed the Klean Strip Sander Deglosser with an abrasive pad all over the chair’s surface in circular motions. This product eliminates the need to sand with a sandpaper. Easy and actually quite mess-free, provided you don’t drench the pads in the stuff, of course. You don’t have to rinse the Sander Deglosser but let it dry first before moving on to the next step.


a) I always use a huge piece of plastic sheet to catch overspray

b) I always start with an upside down chair and finish with it upright


#2 –> prime

I used Ace Hardware Premium Enamel Primer in White. I have read that if you wanted to paint over dark paint then it’s best to use a grey coloured primer, but since my existing surface was varnish on bare wood, I went with white.

Always, always comply with the drying time written on the can before spraying another layer.

#3 –> spray

Now don’t be nervous (I know I was!). Hold the can about 30cm away from the surface and spray in a smooth even side-to-side motion. When moving down, try to overlap the layer before.

As a side note, if you’ve never used primer before, you will never know the thrill of spray painting over it. With primer the colour goes on smooth and even. Beautiful. So please don’t skimp on primer. A few extra ringgit will make a difference between splotchy and gorgeous.

Back to the paints, Ace Hardware’s Sage Green is a beautiful classy colour and a dream to work with. I really, really enjoyed using it. The Krylon Catalina Mist was, however, a disappointment. Don’t get me wrong, the colour is awesome beautiful, but it sprayed on thin. I shook the can for a good 2 minutes before I sprayed so it couldn’t have been that. It took 1 and a half can of Krylon to cover a chair when it only took 1 can of Ace Hardware and a bit from the 2nd can for minor touch ups.


Can you see the difference on the seats? It’s pretty obvious isn’t it?

So there you have it! The tips from a total newbie on spray painting wooden chairs. It’s not as frightening as you think it is so give it a try!


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