Original recipe: BK’s Yummy, Easy Fried Brown Rice

Original recipe: BK’s Yummy, Easy Fried Brown Rice

Recently I cooked brown rice for the first time. I cooked a big batch and froze what we didn’t eat. The next day my kids were bawlin’ all hungry.. they wanted to eat and they wanted to eat NOW. So, in a panic (who doesn’t panic when their kids are famished??), I thawed the frozen brown rice in the microwave and whipped up a really super simple dish that used ingredients that are always in our fridge. Broccoli. Parmesan. Eggs.

Don’t you just love throw-things-in recipes that turn out awesome??

My kids really enjoyed the yummy fried rice and even wanted more! So if you have leftover brown rice in the freezer, just pop them in the microwave and be on your way to cooking this tasty meal. Enjoy!


BK’s Yummy, Easy Fried Brown Rice

1 cup cooked BK’s Brown Rice

1/2 cup broccoli florets

1 medium egg

Parmesan to your liking – we put in about 2 tablespoons because my kids love parmesan a lot!

A smidgen of butter – we used unsalted

Saute the broccoli in butter, remove when it turns a beautiful bright green.

Scramble the egg in the same pan, put the broccoli in and mix together.

Mix the brown rice together with the egg and broccoli mixture.

Finally, put the parmesan and mix well.


Serves two very hungry kids.


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