Makeover: Room makeover on a budget [Part 1]

Makeover: Room makeover on a budget [Part 1]

I have a room that I loathe. It is the bane of my entire existence. Seriously. So much so that one day I’d had enough and decided that the room needed major TLC. Armed with pinterest and Mr. Google, I embarked on the jouney I like to call “Room makeover on a budget”..


First, let’s talk about The Room.

My mom lives with my baby brother and wife, but occasionally she comes and stays with us for a week or two. When she does, she has her own room which is also my sewing equipment storeroom (I sew outside at the dining table because it has better lighting). She doesn’t mind this arrangement because she was a tailor, which is where I probably got my knack for sewing, and being around my machines make her feel right at home.

Meet my babies

Meet my babies

The room isn’t that big, and in the beginning when we first moved in we filled it up with our old stuff.

An Ikea Bodo cupboard..

Ikea Bodo

(Image courtesy of

.. which was then replaced with the Ikea Algot Shelving. The best Ikea purchase ever. (But even its awesomeness couldn’t make the room any less depressing)

Ikea Algot

(Image courtesy of


We put our Ikea Rast side table in the room.

Ikea rast

(Image courtesy of

..and my husband’s old bed from his teenage years which was still good *gasp*.

Can you see the bed surrounded by all that junk..?


Before the Algot, I didn’t have a place for my three machines so we got an Ikea Linmon/Adil table. That big table was squished in there too.Ikea Linmon AdilBy then the room was cluttered with bulky and mismatched furniture.. And it just depressed me. It was horrifying just how bad a room could get.

Now I had this room that I oh so hated and I wanted a quick fix up and immediately thought, “PAINT!”. At that time I was painting the girls’ room a very pretty shade of pink, Dulux Vassar Rose, and had some leftover..

Here I come to save the daaaay!

Here I come to save the daaaay!

So in a moment of insanity and just because I needed to do something anything, I painted my mom’s room the same pink colour. Biggest mistake ever! What I didn’t know then that I do now is that paint colour can give very different results in different rooms. What was sweet, warm and comforting in my girls’ much bigger room became dull and dreary in my mom’s smaller one. It didn’t help that the curtains had a yellow base with big red flowers and looked soooo bad against the pink. I’m cringing right now just imagining it.

That was when I learned a really important lesson; NEVER do anything just because. We got the Bodo just because it was on sale, if I recall it was around RM50++ per piece and so we got three (someone really needs to knock some sense into me).. Although cute, the piece is more suited for dorms/hostels – definitely not a permanent fixture. Then the Linmon/Adil table was bought just because my machines didn’t have a table and at that time we were under-budget and it was the most affordable. Total regret because the tabletop couldn’t take the weight of all three machines and now it’s bowed in the middle. *sigh* And that pink.. THAT PINK!

Here is another angle of the room that shall not be named.

OCD going in overdrive help!

OCD going in overdrive help!

And so it officially became the room that I totally messed up.


The room makover on a budget is now underway..

Wait for [part 2] to see what I’ve done with the limited budget I have to make the room look oh-so-splendid.


Hugs & Kisses






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